Individual counselling and therapy

My role, as a therapist, is to discuss, explore and facillitate a dialogue that offers an opportunity for understanding, change and healing. Sometimes words can feel inadequate and using creative materials and resources can usefully inform the therapeutic work. This can provide an alternative method of communication and expression. Sometimes it can be useful to consider the links between the mind and the body, or to explore difficulties in a more abstract way perhaps using images and metaphor.

I am experienced in helping adults and young adults (17 plus) who are experiencing difficulties such as:

Relationship difficulties
Change and disruptions to the developmental and maturational process
Identity, gender and sexuality
Self harm
Mental health issues

The qualities I bring to my work are sensitivity, empathy, openness, directness and creativity. I am committed to providing counselling and psychotherapy in a safe, confidential, non-judgemental and non-discriminatory environment.

Following an enquiry we will arrange an intial session at a mutually convenient time.


Beginning counsellingThe initial session is an opportunity for us to meet together,  to think about what has brought you to counselling and therapy, and to identify what you are hoping to gain from the therapeutic work.

We will consider how many sessions feels right for you. Therapeutic work can be short term (generally 4-10 sessions) or longer term and more open ended.

In the initial session we can identify a structure to the work that fits with your hopes and expectations. This can be adapted and changed if needed.